Saturday, 24 October 2015

Indian Abacus MD Introduction speech

Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., has launched its newly invented state-of-the-art Indian Abacus devices and the program with international standard course materials to make the children of the age group – 5 to 13 years, benefit much more than ever before.  Indian Abacus products and the program are the result of 14 years of background research using which the promoters of the company gained invaluable knowledge and experience. All of these have gone into the development of the devices (Indian Abacus) and the program. We will be happy to serve you with these product-offerings and the program of international standard. 

The Indian Abacus is an educational counting tool for learning to do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, more particularly it helps in enhancing their brain skills such as CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION (PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY) by activating the right brain, the seat of intelligence.  The present invention introduces a tool which can display color image representing any value by moving the sliders up and down.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Kids & Family expo @ Chidambaram -4th - 7th sep.2015

Indian Abacus Kids & Family expo @ Chidambaram -4th - 7th sep. 2015

Indian Abacus @ Kallakurichi Franchisee centre

Indian Abacus company welcomes new franchisee Annanagar

Indian Abacus company welcomes new franchisee

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR - Indian Abacus

Sub: Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

We are in the field of Abacus Education providing Indian Abacus Product and Mental Arithmetic Programme to the children of age group of 5 to 13 years, as a whole Brain Development Programme.

Our group Company was the first to introduce Abacus Education in India in the year 1999. We have invented and introduced to the world a new generation Abacus-Indian Abacus which is far superior to the conventional Abacus.

The country has a large population, particularly the younger ones, to whom the society is obliged to educate them in a proper manner so that the younger ones attain the required skills to perform to the required level of expectations of each industry and organisation in future.

We are aware that your organisations, as part of CSR activities, support Educational ventures to needy and under privileged children.

As the younger ones of the age group of 5 to 13 constitutes nearly about 12% of our population, the society has a prime responsibility to make these future champions in every field, a knowledgeable and skilled sector. Indian Abacus product and programme are structured as a whole brain development programme to make these sections of our future champions of all fields, an intelligent and confident sector. Many of the Schools including Govt. Schools have realized the importance of Abacus product and programme and have started implementing the Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic as part of their curriculum. Majority of the students in more Schools are deprived of this Whole Brain Development Programme for want of required resources. On our part, we, the Indian Abacus Private Limited, have SIMPLIFIED THE FEE STRUCTURE TO SUIT THESE SCHOOL STUDENTS, WITHOUT COMPROMISING THE QUALITY PRODUCT AND CONTENT OF THE PROGRAMME.

The benevolent organisations, like yours, who want to give this Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic Education to these students for a life time skill can take up and sponsor this programme as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility activity. On our part, we ever remain ready to wholeheartedly associate with this noble cause.

It is our desire to meet your kind-self in person to show the products and take your wishes. We would be honoured to have your appointment on a date and time suitable, so that we could come to meet you with our products.  

We eagerly look forward to the response from your kind selves.

Thanking you
Yours Sincerely
For Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd.,

N. Basheer Ahamed,
Managing Director & CEO.,

Mob. 9444007777