Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Company Profile - Indian Abacus

Company Profile - Indian Abacus

Indian Abacus company with the background of 14 years of success in the development of products in Abacus education and strategies in marketing the concept of Abacus based Arithmetic calculations has been able to bring in a revolution in the field by innovating and evolving Abacus tool. The children can now learn the concepts easier (stress-free), understand faster and practice better to attain the skills to do fast & accurate mental arithmetic calculations by image of Abacus and the brains skills Concentration, Visualization, Listening which aid the children in their Imagination, Creativity and Memory skills additionally, helping them greatly in their academics.

  • Indian Abacus for student
  • Indian Abacus digital for student (Online and Offline)
  • Indian Abacus for tutor
  • Indian Abacus for Tutor With Remote control
  • Indian Abacus – Non Digital – the tool calls for far lesser effort and time of the child to assimilate and reinforce the memory impressions, since the tool opens up colour images for the value/s, an enhanced & enriching feature for grabbing attention. The other important coaching aid is ‘the books' - the course content adds great value on the benefits side.

Course Training
The Training gets a makeover with the Course content which is now more children friendly with the advantage of skill benefits intact.

Other Features Of The Program
Level Completion Tests & certificates - The quality of the question paper is ideally balanced between the capability level & the challenge level. Attractive and valued Level Completion certificates impress the children.

A New Generation Tool


The comparison giving point wise advantages of Indian Abacus over the Conventional Abacus (Current Abacus) gives more in-depth understanding.

Feature1 Indian Abacus, as it looks with all the sliders in value position. (sliders are like the beads in the convention abacus) The basic frame, which is a single integral piece, is chosen to be made in the Yellowish Cream colour, which is a very friendly background for the eyes to work with. The basic frame consists of the upper and lower window positions, which are separated by a slim rib (which can be also called the bar), hosting the home points, represented by a thick DOTS. The sliders could be moved up and down to display value & non value positions by uncovering and/or covering the colour images.

Advantage: Colour display makes the eyes catch the slider positions thereby the values distinctly. The eye capture of the colours to determine the value many times faster than that happening in the conventional abacus where the beads are homogenous / uniform in colour and therefore distinction between the value and non-value beads is very difficult. Further the non-value beads tend to disturb the vision and the abacus practitioner has a blurred vision of the value beads and the values.

Benefits: Colour display of the slider positions and values strike the brains attention much faster and clearer (many times more than the conventional abacus bead positions and values)

Feature2 The conventional abacus has its inherent limitations. In the Indian Abacus, which is a highly dynamic tool, the slider positions showing colours are the value positions and the slider positions which sink with creamish background are considered as non-value positions.

Advantages: In the Indian Abacus, the colour and non-colour positions of sliders remove the confusions and the disturbing view, as experienced in the Conventional Abacus. The features mean either value or no value positions which are clear and understanding & memory registry are easier.

Benefits: Brain has greater advantage to capture and register the colours thus making the calculations more correct and brain skills better.

Feature 3 All the components of the Indian Abacus are made of ABS plastic, except the fasteners which are metallic. The back cover is not just a cover but holding on to the frame from the back makes compact housing for the 17 window slots and sliding beads giving them a perfect fit.

Advantage: The back cover houses the important components together and in proper positions and closely synchronized.