Saturday, 18 January 2014

Indian Abacus-Digital for Students

Indian Abacus – Digital, the newly Invented tool
The newly invented Indian Abacus – Digital device is a highly advanced version and of state of the art in design.  The invented device takes the Abacus tool to a level unseen and unheard of so far. 

The Indian Abacus – Digital device developed offers greater ease and comfort in registering in memory the images representing the values.  When the child manipulates the slider/s to do calculations, the slider/s pushed towards the bar project open the hidden colour (Red and Green) images, which otherwise hide the images in the no value position in sync with the body of the Indian Abacus – Digital.

Child is at ease and comfort to differentiate the values / numbers easily due to colour projections of the value position of the sliders.  The upper sliders project Red colour portion of the sliders as images which represent value and similarly the lower sliders project Green colour portion of the sliders as images which again represent value. Apart from the comfort of easy and faster learning, the newly designed Indian abacus – Digital device enables enhanced visio-spatial memory. The sliders of Indian Abacus – Digital in the value positions – projecting colour images – stay put even when the Abacus is held upright.  The sliders do not fall from their worked position.  The student Abacus of the Indian Abacus – Digital device is one of its kind and unique, the design of which has not been conceived and manufactured by anybody so far in the world. 

Children aged 5 to 13 years are the primary beneficiaries of this specialised device - “Indian Abacus – Digital” for students.  The tool has the necessary Hardware and Software, which help the students work online or offline, as required. Indian Abacus – Digital for students is Indian Abacus with the extended facility to work online giving it the digital-connect.

Indian Abacus – Digital for students has a greater advantage on account of better memory registry and visualization later which the student can experience in comparison with the conventional or the generic abacus which has been in use.  The student while operating Indian Abacus – Digital moves the Lower and the upper sliders to unhide and hide the colour images which represent values.  The lower sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display Green colour images and similarly the upper sliders when moved towards the bar unhide and display Red colour images. Thus with the display of colour images the memory registry & later visualization in Indian Abacus - Digital is many times better – stronger and faster – when compared to the generic Abacus. Since Visualization is the key factor for better visual memory, Indian Abacus- digital is much superior to its predecessor. The tool invented and developed is unique and there is no pre-existing tool.

The Indian Abacus – Digital, enables calculations done manually using the abacus and at the same time having the facility to have the answers displayed on the built-in LCD screen. This tool is an ideal aid for online learning. Since working to learn and practise is possible on this tool in the off-line mode too, the student doing a number of practice sums could check the answers on the abacus LCD.

The Indian Abacus–Digital has two additional features built into it.  It enables the tool to have online learning.  Offline, the tool also displays the output of the working on the Indian Abacus - Digital. The answers / the output of the working are displayed on the LCD screen.

As already explained, the device invented has been developed by us.  This uniquely designed Indian Abacus – Digital offers ease and comfort to the children in learning Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations and in enhancing their brain skills.

Indian Abacus – Digital helps the children do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, apart from enhancing their brain skills such as Concentration, Visualization (Photographic Memory). The advanced features such as projection of colour images enable largely better image memory and therefore result in much faster and accurate calculations, which are the reflection of brain skills.  The display of colour images in the Indian Abacus – Digital is unparalleled in the history of abacus education which is the first and the strongest feature of the Indian Abacus – Digital. The student can use this off-line also and can be confident since he can see the answers / output of the calculations using manipulation of sliders, displayed on the LCD screen.  This device helps the students to learn Abacus calculations On-line.  

N. Basheer Ahamed
Inventor - Indian Abacus
Mob. 7200 227 227