Thursday, 29 August 2019

A good time to start training your child to be smart

Abacus helps the children to get rid of the fear of mathematics

Indian Abacus - It gives a learning habit to the students as they gain interest in doing abacus. Abacus provides them with a discipline in learning.

Abacus based Math Program for your child

Parents' view on Indian Abacus: My son is studying in 7th standard, D A V Sr. Secondary school. After joining Indian Abacus his listening skills, memory recall, mentally calculating speed of arithmetic work improved a lot now. I feel proud of him rank he got in academic side. Indian Abacus has definitely helped improve his capabilities, which we have observed very closely. Thanks to Indian Abacus. - K Anusha, mother of S Neil Nishanth,

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Indian Abacus now at Lakshmipuram, Chennai

Indian Abacus SRF JAMAKHANDI visits to GHO Chennai

Thank you every one for making the Indian Abacus National level competition 2019 - a grand success.

Indian Abacus now at Kallikuppam

Indian Abacus National level competition 2020

Indian Abacus Mindmath - Mandaveli franchise

Indian Abacus Mindmath - Mandaveli Centre