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Salem Children Abacus

salem Abacus school

Salem Summer Course

Abacus Salem

Abacus Coaching Centre Salem

Salem Abacus

Salem Abacus Coaching Class

Abacus Coaching Salem

Salem Abacus Summer Course

Indian Abacus school Salem

Old Abacus and New Abacus - Franchisee Hyderabad – Kukatpally

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Indian Abacus @ Bangalore expo

Indian Abacus


Indian Abacus Product and program @ consumer Fair Chennai

Indian Abacus - a Montessori Apparatus

Mental Calculation

Mental Calculation: The mental calculation is defined as calculation of number conception and the way of imaging the abacus (photographic memory) calculation in brain is called as the mental arithmetic by image of abacus.  

Course / Programme: 5 – 13 Years Old Children
24 months programme.
8 Levels of 3 months each.
12 classes per Level.
One class once a week for two hours After the school hours. 

Indian Abacus


Abacus Tutor Training in Chennai

Abacus Tutor training for Teachers

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